Our broad experience, methodology, IT infrastructure and understanding of the specifics of all types of state (municipal) organizations allow us to take on financial and HR outsourcing projects of any complexity regardless of the industry or region.
Intercomp CBU is part of Intercomp group of companies and specializes in cooperation with the public sector.

Solution for public sector

Financial outsourcing

  • Accounting and taxes
  • Payroll services
  • All-inclusive accounting and tax accounting services
  • Reporting preparation and filing
  • Economic planning
  • Examination of financial and business activities/due diligence
  • Documentation of income-generating activities
  • Financial consulting
HR outsourcing

  • HR management
  • HR audit
  • HR document adaptation
  • HR administration from scratch
  • Introduction of professional standards
  • Work standardization
  • Development and performance of effective contract
Consulting and support

  • Purchasing (Laws No. 44-FZ and No. 223-FZ)
  • Support of cloud budget accounting
  • Advice on work with tender systems (EAIST, EASUZ)
  • Legal services

Financial and HR outsourcing offers a number of advantages to the public sector

Advantages for founder (chief controller of budgetary funds):

  • Reduction in accounting costs resulting in substantial savings for institution, district, city or region budget.
  • Focus on resolution of social issues (improved quality of services provided to the population) thanks to the outsourcing of non-core of accounting processes.
  • Increase in average salary of specialized staff of institutions on account of the significant accounting savings and redistribution of budgetary funds within institutions.
  • Optimization of ratio of office and management personnel to specialized staff.
  • Introduction of a single accounting methodology and accounting policy.

Advantages for head of institution:

  • Savings from 10% to 30% of budgetary funds allocated to accounting.
  • Division of responsibility for accounting: the outsourcer is fully responsible for the services provided to state authorities.
  • Continuity of accounting processes.
  • Full logistic support of document flow (free courier services, electronic document flow).
  • Safe data storage and use: compliance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ On Personal Data.
  • Focus on institution: expenditure and contract conclusion with specific suppliers are prioritized only at the discretion of the head of institution.
  • In-house accounting employees have more time for strategic tasks.
  • Legal support of purchasing for timely and effective budget administration.

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