We offer access to 1C products installed in our infrastructure. This way our clients can work with 1C solutions any-time any-place on various devices with different operating systems. Migration of all data and subsequent support are both included in this service.

Our IAAS or technology platform lease:

IAAS (INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE) is provided by our IT department by allowing our clients to install their accounting systems on our server. As a part of this service, our clients have round-the-clock remote access to our specialists, and data backup is put in place as per their requirements.

We ensure the highest security level upon data transfer, processing and storage. Our data security system complies with ISO 27001 and SSAE16 data security standards and Russian laws on personal data protection.

We are the only company in Russia which is audited and complies with SOC2 standard and SSAE16 data security standard from the Institute of Independent Accountants.