If you would like to get an independent assessment of the quality of your current IT solutions, please feel free to contact us. We identify the major issues in current information systems, compile a detailed list of necessary improvements and determine how deficiencies can be eliminated. Our certified project managers (PMP, PME, 1C-PM) are able to complete such tasks drawing from many years of experience in implementing and supporting 1C solutions.

Our team of experts audits 1C solutions:
  • 1
    Analysis of existing software and hardware as well as independent quality assessment of the solution put in place
  • 2
    Evaluation whether the software and hardware have been correctly selected
  • 3
    Determining whether existing business applications in place meet current requirements and business needs.
Consulting, in particular, development of methods for management and regulatory accounting

  • Management accounting – budgeting and financial planning method (budgeting regulations, budgeting procedure, budget forms, ABC method (separate accounting of costs by cost centers), policy on management of receivables, etc
  • Regulatory accounting – accounting policy, regulations on management of accounting documentation, etc. Methods and procedures for IFRS reporting, tax optimization, etc.

IT-consulting, in particular, 1C solutions pre-study and design.

Pre-study is one of the most important steps towards automation. If conducted properly, it can ensure successful implementation of automation projects. It is required to not only estimate how long will it take to complete a project and its cost, but also understand the project scope and objectives.

Intercomp provides a pre-study report:

  • Concept for enterprise automation based on 1C solution
  • High level solution and recommendations for platform selection (1C ERP, 1C: Trade management, etc)
  • Formalized client’s requirements – specifications, etc.
  • Project plan, project budget estimate