Our specialists have been providing 1C support for over 21 years. We support over 1500 1C solutions. We handle over 2500 support requests per month.

Our services:

  • 1C systems restoration and support
  • Advising users and client IT-specialists on existing configurations
  • System performance optimization and control
  • Scheduled tasks – monthly/quarterly support of period closing, etc.
  • Improvement of existing and development of new functionality as part of customer support or under additional requests.

We provide support services:
  • 1
    Remotely – remote connections or by phone/email
  • 2
    Onsite – at the client’s office. Our clients can choose to work with us:
  • Fixed fee – we offer a fixed number of technical support per month. This is the most convenient option when support needs are known in advance and clients want to receive services within specific time periods.
  • Preliminary requests with subsequent payment – clients pay only for work performed. This option is convenient for clients who need services intermittently (one-off assignments).